Japanese cooking class at Machida

GOOVER’s kitchen is providing cooking lesson for non Japanese residence
We offer Japanese home cooking lessons using populr ents which are we can easy to purchase in grecery store.

We think all dishes are you can make at home easily.
Japanese foods that is currently becoming a hot topic around the world
Now that you’re in Japan, why don’t you learn Japanese dishes before you go back to own countly?

Foods are ready, everyone can enjoy the meal together.
A bilingual instructor will explain how to cook the dishes in English.
Please introduce those foods to your family.

Regarding our cooking class
Our lessons are for adult and non Japanese students.

We will help you expand your repertoire of dishes and you can confidently serve not only at your daily table, but also at entertaining occasions.

The lessons, which are full of cooking methods and presentation techniques that will take your dishes to the next level

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